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About Arboles UK > Plastic Coating

Plastic Coating

The anti-corrosive plastic coating is made of 11 polymiade in high visibility yellow, with technical features including:

  • Approx. 250 to 300 microns thick.
  • 184 to 186º C high melt point.
  • Self-extinguishable low flamability.
  • Shore hardness D to 20º C, 75.

Overall, the coating is considerably resistant against bases, sea water and saline environments: against oils, greasae and aromatic solvents: to organic acids, diluted mineral acids and aliphatic solvents. Neither fungi nor micro-organisms stick to the parts, nor does frost collect on its surface.

Prepared metal parts are heated to between 300º to 450º C, prior to coating.


Plastic Coatings

Powder coating melts on contact as heated parts are dipped, then air cooled.


Plastic Coatings